Thought I should do an update of my trip recently to Robogames.  Competition-wise, Chimera was a complete and utter disappointment.  I ended up burning up 2 of my RX-64s for some unknown reason.  Luckily I did get to show it off for a little while on qualifying day.  Completely qualified and looked great by the way.  I got to do a demo that day as well where some press video taped Chimera and Insanity Wolf going at it for about 15 minutes.  I would like to see what comes of that footage.

After that though, burned up my servos, and couldn’t compete due to disqualification at setup time before my matches.  I did get fixed and competed in an exhibition match for fun again Godless Endeavor and I think I took that one, but it was fun to just finally get to compete.

Otherwise it was good showing off Chimera to a lot of people, and the 3D printing really brought in a lot of the crowd to see how I did it.  If you were any of the attendees to Robogames and Mech Warfare, and you stumbled across my card, I hope you drop a message by here and let me know what you thought of Chimera.

I will post pictures of Chimera and Mech Warfare as I find them.  To start though, here is a video montage of Mech Warfare, I put the start time to my exhibition match, but rewind the whole thing to check out all the mechs.

I think the posters will be available sometime soon from me (Rusty Wrench Robotics) and/or at the Mech Warfare site.  Remember, all the proceeds are going to help us to continue to improve the arena and other aspects to make Mech Warfare better for the viewers.


Here is Chimera showing the walking for the first time.  It isn’t optimized, but it is exciting.  Paint is complete also.

Just a display stand.  Well for display purposes but will also be used for programming and testing, so it doesn’t have to fall to the ground if there’s a mishap.

Quick peek at the black primer I put down on the pieces so far.  Gives it a nice look, and highlights all the details.  Sorry about the blurriness, took it from my phone.

Take a look at this awesome piece of artwork done by Soren Bendt.  Check out his other works on his BLOG and WEBSITE.

Now you can see why I chose Chimera to be the name of my hellish robot.  Watch and learn

Chimera (Robot) – Chimera (Monster)

2 Guns of destruction – 2 Heads of destruction

Different sections and styles to form the body – Made of different ferocious animal parts

Massive leg span – Massive wing span

Winch system off the back – Tail with serpent head

So far, I am really loving the new website from Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters. Check it out.

I know a lot of people have probably already seen this video. But this looks amazing. I know its full CG but this is what I think of when I think of Mech Warfare.

Mech Warfare Kickstarter


Showing all the parts it took to create Chimera… 37 custom 3D printed parts in all.

Exploded view