Day 1

This past weekend I made the trip out to San Mateo for the annual Robogames.  It was a very good experience for me.  Right before leaving I decided to change my gun system on Draco, to the automatic fire “Defender” style gun.  This was great for firing but caused a lot of problems for me at the event that I could have avoided with better testing of all my systems.  That was my biggest fault and piece of valuable information.

TEST! TEST! and TEST some more!

So we got in Thursday night and had a little meet up with the Trossen Community at the hotel bar.  They are a great bunch of guys to hang out with, and it was awesome finally getting to meet everyone and put faces to the robots I had been following on the forums.

Friday was the start of the competition.  So checked in nice and early Friday morning and started assembling Draco.  No problems getting her together.  Mech Warfare was also setting up at this time.  That consisted of getting the scoring system up and running, the wireless routers placed, and the buildings in the arena.  These things were amazing.  Andrew, from Trossen Robotics, had gone down to San Fran a few weeks early to meet up with Fon Davis and create these building facades that had such amazing detail in them and really gave Mech Warfare a realistic look for this robots going down a city street.  Fon Davis is the creator of MORAV and worked with Industrial Light and Magic, which is a visual effects division of Lucasfilm.  So, if you’ve seen any Star Wars movies, I think he has worked on them…

Back to the progress, all mechs need to pass a qualifying round in order to compete in Mech Warfare.  Draco worked fine, walking, shooting, scoring, video.  Passed with flying colors.  But there was a small problem actually, my video was dropping out some times when I fired my gun.  This had my checking my voltage levels when firing guns to make sure I didn’t drop to far for my video wifi encoder to reset.  Stupid me though, shorted it out by touching the leads together, and this in return fried my arbotix board in some place.  I didn’t know that at the time though, and spent the rest of the day, frantically tested what happened, trying to fix this, that and the other thing.  It was a frustrating time then.  At the end of the night, I was finally running again with the help of a friend donating me a new board to use.

The rest of the first day, was spent between testing my bot for problems and helping Mech Warfare run qualifying rounds, plus getting to walk around Robogames and checking out some of the other events and booths.

These are pictures (1-9) of the arena and buildings in the arena.  They are some really impressive pieces of work.  The next bunch (10-18) are pictures of other mechs, robots, and stuff around the venue.  The last few (19-20) are pictures of Draco and myself at the competition.

  1. sistah from anothah mistah says:

    did you win anything?

    • I did not win any metals from the Robogames event, but I was awarded the “Mechitude” award for the most Mech-Looking robot in our competition. It is a pretty cool etched glass and metal plague.

  2. lloyd of lloyd and harry says:


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