Thought I should do an update of my trip recently to Robogames.  Competition-wise, Chimera was a complete and utter disappointment.  I ended up burning up 2 of my RX-64s for some unknown reason.  Luckily I did get to show it off for a little while on qualifying day.  Completely qualified and looked great by the way.  I got to do a demo that day as well where some press video taped Chimera and Insanity Wolf going at it for about 15 minutes.  I would like to see what comes of that footage.

After that though, burned up my servos, and couldn’t compete due to disqualification at setup time before my matches.  I did get fixed and competed in an exhibition match for fun again Godless Endeavor and I think I took that one, but it was fun to just finally get to compete.

Otherwise it was good showing off Chimera to a lot of people, and the 3D printing really brought in a lot of the crowd to see how I did it.  If you were any of the attendees to Robogames and Mech Warfare, and you stumbled across my card, I hope you drop a message by here and let me know what you thought of Chimera.

I will post pictures of Chimera and Mech Warfare as I find them.  To start though, here is a video montage of Mech Warfare, I put the start time to my exhibition match, but rewind the whole thing to check out all the mechs.

I think the posters will be available sometime soon from me (Rusty Wrench Robotics) and/or at the Mech Warfare site.  Remember, all the proceeds are going to help us to continue to improve the arena and other aspects to make Mech Warfare better for the viewers.


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