Finally finished everything in my design that I wanted.

The final product

Close up head on

Render in the warehouse


Got started on putting in all the targeting equipment and the few final pieces to be done. I can see the end……..

The top finally goes onto Chimera

Showing what I have hiding underneath (targeting equipment).

Rear view of everything.

Been working hard, this last 15% is the hardest to get right. Here are some updates.

Have been working hard lately. Here is the progress of everything so far. Around 85% complete with the design now.

Got my 3D prints of the leg pieces back from  They look amazing.

More progress of the design.

Getting some more work done.  Finished low detail model of guns and got the hopper modeled and planed out.

The new 6 Port RX/EX 4-Pin Bus Hub from Rusty Wrench Robotics is now for sale at Trossen Robotics! Buy’em up!

Been working on Chimera once again.  Could see some differences, at least could, and wanted to post some shots.

Chatbots talking it up

Posted: 09/01/2011 in Random Robots